Pochettino insists he’s not worried about Chelsea fans singing chase songs

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Mauricio Pochettino insists he is not worried about the violent reaction from Chelsea fans. After Blues supporters chanted his dismissal. During the game they could only draw with Brentford 2-2.

“For 45 minutes we did very well, we controlled the game. They raised the intensity level. Start winning in duels. and play more direct We don’t have the certainty of a better defense. When we lose a goal It changed the game and their belief grew.”ทางเข้า UFABET 

“We are the better team. But we need to score in important moments and defend better after 6 difficult days and 3 games. It was difficult in the second half to keep the same energy.”

Talk about the fans singing songs to chase him away. “Someone told me but I didn’t hear it. It was normal that we were 2-1 down and they expressed their frustration. Of course I am responsible. I’m the head coach.”

When asked if he was worried about his relationship with fans? 

Pochettino replied:

“I’m not worried. We have to embrace this relationship. People ask me, ‘Do you feel the love from the fans?’ No, we have to build a relationship. You build relationships by winning at games. But right now we still haven’t met expectations. Usually in the football world You have a price to pay for the coach or the people above.”

When asked what will happen if it continues to get worse? He replied, “I think the relationship is still good. We have to understand that football fans are passionate. I fought as hard as I could to try and develop the team in how they performed, improved, scored and won. Today is my 52nd birthday. I know this business well. But I will never give up. I’m ready to fight tomorrow. And next game we will continue fighting.”