Mendes talks to big English clubs hoping to bring Felix to the team.

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Jorge Mendes has been in talks with English football clubs hoping to bring in Joao Felix. The Portugal international’s situation with Atletico Madrid has only taken a turn for the worse with the player having little chance to start this season. And in the past there were also reports that the relationship between Felix and Diego Simeone did not fight well. 

Recently, Matteo Moretto reported that George Mendes has traveled to negotiate with 3 famous English clubs. Such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal to look for opportunities to take visitors transfer join the team UFABET

However, the big problem is probably inevitable about the price because the Bear Brand definitely does not tolerate a crushing loss. The report goes on to say that Rogi Blancos has set a price of 130-140 million euros.

With Felix currently under contract with the Spanish club until mid-2026. This point is likely to be another problem in negotiating a transfer unless any club is willing to pay a price that Atleti are happy with.

Another club, Bayern Munich, were also mentioned in the report. but the report was rejected by German newspaper Sport 1, saying Bayern had lost interest in the 23-year-old.

With the resulting performance, he became one of the most fragrant star players in Europe. Including being a new hope for the Portuguese football industry. Until it was compare to world-class seniors both Rui Costa and Cristiano Ronaldo.